Saturday, October 31, 2015

Halloween 2015

Ava Rose had a blast her first Halloween starting with a Fall Celebration in her class with pumpkin painting and a "bear hunt".  We also took part in the town festivities - trick or treating in the downtown area businesses and fun in the park.  Baby girl took a quick nap while we strolled and was ready for some camera action with her entourage - mama, daddy, grammy, pappy, and grandma.  Our 2015 costumes - Mama Cat and her Kitten and I got a crash course in making tutus, a useful skill for girl moms.


  1. So cute! You should do a tutorial on the tutu!

    1. I'm flattered, my tutorial skills are lacking but I followed this pin and it was easy peasy - I'll likely make many more for her to play dress up in.