Friday, October 2, 2015

Five on Friday

I haven't participated in a weekly link up in a long, long time.  And to be up front, I don't think I'll be participating every week. I just can't make those kinds of commitments but this week I have Friday off so I don't mind staying up a bit late.

Here's my hodge podge...

An Open Letter to My Friends Who Don't Have Kids

This huffpost link is so very true. I miss my friends, sometimes I miss my old life but I would not, absolutely could not give up what I have now.  This isn't just addressed to friends without kids but also to those who have older children and are in a different groove.  Being a mommy is my very favorite thing, in fact I burst into tears on three different occasions yesterday just because I missed my baby. However, I hope my friends don't give up on me while I make this transition, I won't always be so busy and my child won't always go to bed at 7 pm, but for now this is life.  I'm struggling to come up for air between work, baby, and fact I've asked my husband to slow down on making weekend plans.  It's great to be social but it's also nice to have time set aside to be at home with Ava since we spend so much time away from her during the week.

Whew, now that the heavy stuff is over we can get to the fun four

Bobeau asymmetrical sweater

I own it in black and I love how super flattering it is, bonus, it makes me look taller.

Covered Goods

Ha!  Notice a theme of "tops easy for breastfeeding", I love this scarf because it works as a grocery cart cover, a carseat cover, and a full coverage breastfeeding wrap.

 I own two covers and this is by far my favorite.  It's super light weight and perfect for nursing even in hot weather.

These cookies, I haven't made them, yet.  But look at them, cinnamon icing plus pumpkin goodness!

This pin had me at "hello", I'd like a set of these to decorate our entryway.  R and I went to a local craft fair a couple of weekends ago and saw several sets for sale.  I know my handy hubby could whip a few up in just a few hours.

You know the drill, share and share alike.


  1. I have the sweater in blue! It's SO soft! Loving that covered goods top - where was it when I had a newborn??

    1. I'd like to get a few of these sweaters honestly, it's my favorite cardigan.

  2. I know the feeling of your first comment regarding balancing mom life with friends. It's hard! Love those tops! Perfect for fall and BF! ;)