Sunday, October 4, 2015

Ava Rose at 6 Months...

My big girl!

Happy Half Birthday Nugget, Immaneedsometissues...

Six month facts:

  • We still put everything in that mouth, especially toes, she is obsessed with her feet
  • No teeth yet but she's a drooly duck
  • Rolling belly to back
  • Sits with minimal assistance
  • Loves books - cloth, board, plastic, and electronic.  We read paper page books too but I have to hold them a safe distance away from her grasp
  • She scoots short distances but usually needs me to sit behind her so she can "kick off" my leg or hand
  • Misses us during the day and is obviously happy and clingy when we pick her up at daycare
  • She loves her daycare teachers and gives them big smiles every morning
  • September she learned about apples, trees, triangles and the color green during daycare
  • She loves to stand up

Nicknames - all the ones I shared last month with one addition Rootie toot toot but most commonly bunnyrose or a variation of Nugget

Weight: 13 pounds

Length: 25 inches

Eyes - brown with green flecks, I call it hazel

Clothes - 3-6 month and thanks to both grandmas we are set for Fall.  My guess is that we will be in this size for at least another month

Diapers - size 2, R still doesn't think they fit quite as well but we sized up to prevent blow outs

Sleeping - Well some weeks are better than others.  Some nights are better than others.  We can sleep 5-7 hours some nights and others we wake up every 3 so it's a toss of the coin.  This month is significantly better than last month though.  

Likes: hands and feet, being held and carried, practicing standing and drinking from a cup, being fed with a spoon, knocking over towers built with blocks, "scooting", bathtime, to pull mommy's hair

Dislikes: being alone, anything after 8pm, carrots, and missed naps

Feeding: 4 ounces every 3 hours and one meal in the evening oatmeal and a fruit or vegetable.  We will likely go to 2 or 3 feedings a day soon but for now it's just for practice.

Ava's Favorites - Little Blue Truck Farm board book, Bunnies by the Bay lovie, Miracle Blanket, her cousins, num num spoon, playtex starter cup, 

Milestones - Sitting with minimal assistance, standing with minimal assistance, getting in the crawling position and "hopping" and "scooting" along the floor, reaching for toys, trying solids for the first time, using a cup, using a straw, first parade, first trip to the pool, talking all the time, deep belly laughs, first child's birthday party

Postpartum- My hair loss is slowing, I still lose some when I wash and blow dry but it's coming back, I have visible new growth in my hair line.  I'm feeling a bit more confident in my ability to balance work and life (this is taking longer than I thought) and R and I have hit a groove most afternoons.  Part of my growing confidence is how happy I am with her new child care center, I like her teachers and I haven't picked her up once when she was crying.  I've gotten so used to my pump schedule it's second nature, the only one I really hate is the middle of the night if she doesn't wake up to eat.  It's lonely pumping at 2am.  I'm trying to get more physical activity in my day but scheduling exercise is just not a big priority right now so I'm giving myself grace.  I still have about 10 pounds to lose but there are a lot of women that hold onto weight until after they stop breast feeding so I'm not worried about it. I have my six month OB follow up this month and then I'm clear for a year.  

I can't believe it's been 6 months since I gave birth, it feels like only a few weeks ago.  I look at pictures of her and it's amazing how different she looks.  She is developing such a sweet, loving personality and she's full of sass which I love!  My girl has a strong will and is fighting for her independence - I think we will be mobile very soon.


  1. Awww! Ava is just precious!!! So glad to hear that you are finally on the ups and gaining happiness/routine/comfort again! What a relief that is! I'm jealous of your sleep schedule. Although I don't miss that pumping stuff... sometimes I feel guilty that I didn't continue BF but at the same time it's been nice having some freedom.

  2. Oh PS... have you thought about trying one of those Baltic amber teething necklaces? Rem drooled like crazy and now that she wears the necklace she doesn't chew or drool nearly as much!

    1. Ha, sleep schedule is such a loaded phrase...some nights are better than others and we both want to shout Amen! when it actually works. She still needs comforting at night and I know some babies are over it by six months, I've just accepted that she isn't ready. Don't feel guilty about not breastfeeding, you did great! Ava still prefers nursing to solids and I'm not going to push her, we try a food every night and if she is interested then we keep going. I enjoy nursing so much (not really the pumping) so part of me is doing it for myself, I love the connection after being gone from her so long. So many of the moms at our daycare swear by the amber necklaces and we have really considered getting one, a local store has them on sale right now so I might take the plunge.

  3. What a total cutie! I wish I had done this when my kids were little. What a wonderful way to record all these amazing memories.

    Trish | Dayngr
    Exec Dir at NCBlogger Network | @NCBlogNet