Saturday, July 25, 2015

Newborn Favorites 0-3 months...

A bit late on this one but these were my favorite baby items from the first three months of mama-hood:

Here's a surprise, very young babies don't give squat about toys, this rattle was the first toy she took interest in at about 5 weeks and at 4 months she still loves it.  We've nicknamed her Owelette.  These swaddle sacks are a lifesaver, we put her in them for naps too...I think we own at least four of them so we can keep a clean one at daycare at all times.  Noodle and Boo shampoo is baby smell heaven and worth every penny.  Our nugget was petite, especially the first few weeks and Little Me sleepers were the only ones that really fit her, we liked the ones with the mittens that folded over her hands.  I've been so sad to pack them away.

We don't have to use gas drops now, she's all good in that area.  But early on she needed assistance and it was Little Tummys to the rescue.  This oball was the first toy she could grab all by herself, she's been playing for it for weeks and weeks so it's still a top toy.  I love love love my JJ Cole agility wrap, so easy to use, easy to clean, lightweight, and not too hot to wear.  I'm not sure how it will perform with a heavier baby though.  I hate clipping baby nails but someone has to do it - the Safety First clippers have a light on the end to help you see super tiny, super thin nails.

There are a lot of nasal aspirators on the market but really only three categories - the straw-like "suckers", the bulbs, and the electric version.  We chose the latter and have been happy with it.  It is necessary to spray a little saline in her nose for it to be effective, oh, and it's easy to clean.  I also purchased a pack of tips that contain infant and children sizes so we can use it for a good long while. Zutanos!  My favorite baby purchase so far, she wore these everytime she left home and daily in daycare; we love them so much we bought more in a larger size.  They actually stay on her feet and no need for an additional sock.  A humidifer is a total necessity because it reduces the need to use the nasal aspirator AND reduces baby's SIDS risk.  Self explanatory - Pampers brand diapers.  We have been completely happy using these and feel no need to switch.

Most of my picks are practical, because we are not a couple that likes excess junk. I poured over so many "favorites" lists when I was pregnant and tried to use them to make registry and purchase decisions.   I feel positive that anything on my list would make a great shower gift for any new mom.

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