Sunday, July 5, 2015

Belle's "Gotcha Day"

I'm crazy behind on my blogging.  I wanted to post a little Ode to Dogge.  With all the baby madness Lady Belle has been left a bit behind, she still gets attention (mostly from R and mostly in the evenings) and we still try to include her in family outings but the truth is - when you have a baby the dog becomes...a dog.  Which is a big transition because we have always treated our pets as kids.  We adopted her last year in June and she was a great fit for us so we celebrated her "Gotcha Day" in lieu of a birthday - we don't have an exact age so we're saying she's five based on the vet's best guess.

We gave Lady a whole weekend, Saturday we went to a local street festival.  This was her second year attending and of course she loved the sights and smells.  Toward the end she was really hot and really tired though so I snapped this pic of R carrying her majesty to the vehicle.

On Sunday we went to Woof Gang to buy some special snacks for our girl.  We came away with treats galore and a particular yummy for the occasion.

 And she loved it!

Rescue dogs make the best friends!


  1. Rescue dogs really do make the best friends! Both of mine are rescues and we don't know their exact age either so we always celebrate "gotcha-days" instead! :)

    Justine @ Charm City Ciemny's

  2. Awww! What a sweet thing to do! I know what you mean about the dog becoming a dog. Both of ours have been somewhat put aside and I feel so bad sometimes!