Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Halloween 2013

I'm going to invert some posts from the weekend with an interest in getting my Halloween 2013 recap out.  Especially since it's already November 5.  R and I went to a party on Saturday that was beyond fun.  I enjoyed getting gussied up.  I didn't take pictures of our friends' house but I wish I had ...it seriously looked as if they bought out a Halloween store.  There were vinyl bats all over the walls, even in the bathroom!  They had themed wall decor, framed pictures, and even a fog machine.  We tried to model our best 1920s look.  I wore a new dress from Vestique, purchased the night before at a blogger event and R wore his best black tie outfit. My pearl beads and flapper headband were purchased at Party City.
This was our 2013 pumpkin.  We were swamped every night after work and didn't have it in us to gut the pumpkin.  Last year we worked with melted crayons so this year we decided glitter and sharpies were the way to roll.  It was a total pinterest fail because my glitter didn't gracefully "swoop" around the top of the pumpkin so I topped it with my hat.  I wish the glitter photographed better, it is really a cute pumpkin in real life.
 This was our little hallway table.  I plan to change it up for next year because I thought it was a little boring.  The skull was purchased at Halloween Spirit and the ravens are from the Dollar Tree.
 Our festive mantel  - the owl and skeleton was purchased from Halloween Spirit and the pumpkin tea light holder is from Pier One.  Those cute pumpkin pillar candle holders are from a local shop on last year's end of season sale.
 The side table in our living room featured a plate of small pumpkins and lace covered candles from Pier One.  I used the candle holders that are usually on our mantel.  There were more gourds but unfortunately they didn't make it the whole month and we had to toss them.

We found this great candelabra at Michaels and the battery operated taper candles from Pier One.  It made a great table centerpiece.
 Our wine cabinet got it's festive finish from this little skeleton that was attached to R's decanter.
I have a few glass pumpkins around the house too but I consider those "fall" decorations and I will include them on a separate post.  I love when we can bring this box up from the basement but I never mind packing it up either because I know I'm altering it for my holiday decor.  I set out the few things that will make Thanksgiving more festive but R and I will probably start decorating for Christmas in just three short weeks!


  1. You bought the super cute dress from Vestique! I absolutely love it on you...so, so adorable!

  2. I did! I kept visiting it so I decided it needed to come home with me.