Wednesday, October 30, 2013

The time I got us lost in a corn field...

Hey, it's me.  Blogging about last weekend even though our week is half way over.  In any case last weekend was one of the most fun fall filled (ooo say that three times fast) two days I've ever had.  It started on Saturday when R and I met his sister and brother in law for a corn maze.

I'm no stranger to corn mazes, they are popular in my home town  but no one else had ever been so we all took turns playing the lead.  Here is the maze we had to maneuver:
We had punch cards and we had to find 12 different stations that would prove we were going the right way.  We finished the maze in 1 hour and 7 minutes...I'm pleased with our time, especially since we had a 3 year old with us that became very bored after about 45 minutes.  

The location is also home to a pumpkin patch and they have several activities just for kids, R's nephew had a blast.

We went to my hometown to enjoy the local fire department's charcoal lunch.  I look forward to this every year - I've never had charcoal chicken that tasted quite like this.  It's fabulous and supports a volunteer fire department.
I mean look at that yummy site!  Yes that is 12 layer chocolate cake off on the left side of the photo.  I took R two years ago to our FD and he craves is every year now.

Later in the evening we watched a couple of scary movies and cooked a hearty meal of white chicken chili and homemade applesauce.  I wasn't very hungry but it made for fantastic leftovers for the week.  I plan on posting both recipes in the next few days.

If you are in the Raleigh area, I highly recommend Kens Korny Corn Maze, it is real family fun and I just love being outdoors with the great weather we've had lately.  

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