Wednesday, October 23, 2013

My 26th hour...

I'm truly jealous of bloggers that post every day, especially the ones that have perfectly edited photos. This week I've been getting home at 7 pm at the absolute earliest -after I do laundry and cleaning my day is done. I haven't blogged regularly lately because I haven't had time to do a proper post.  

Well I don't tonight either so you'll get the bulleted version:

> I'm in my Sox shirt right now because our team is in the World Series and we just started playing the Cardinals.

> Tonight I bought 3 big bags of candy and I'm making treat bags for work - it's a task I will probably finish tomorrow night.

> Mom and I met for dinner tonight, her favorite place Cracker Barrel.  We split an apple dumpling and it was the most amazing thing I've eaten, probably ever.  They were stingy with the ice cream though.

> R and I purchased the first holiday gift of the year this week....and the madness begins.

> We have been invited to a Halloween party but I have no idea what our costumes will be.

> Pretty Little Liars last night was not as good as past Halloween episodes so I was disappointed.  I'm embarrassed that I love this show so much and I'm going to miss Caleb!

> I got behind a complete nut driving home today and couldn't stop singing "All Over the Road" by Easton Corbin.

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