Friday, October 4, 2013

Five on Friday

Another week down, another chance to share five things on my mind:

1.  Bauble baby Bauble.  Whoa queen of cornball!  But seriously Bauble Bar has my heart, these are my latest purchases - the midi pave bracelet and a tortoise link necklace.  I was so excited to see this box in the mail and I can't wait to wear my new purchases to our regional meeting next week.

 2.  Warby Parker.  Confession time- we have lost R's glasses.  Neither one of us can remember the last time they were seen and we have turned the house inside out looking for them.  With Christmas coming, we really don't want to spend a lot of money replacing them (especially because he doesn't wear glasses often).  But of course we want them to be attractive and high quality.  Warby Parker optical has an amazing selection, the site is easy to navigate, AND they have a try at home option.  We picked out five of our favorites - they send them free shipping and returns and you have 5 days to try them out before you commit.  After doing my research online I think this might be the most practical solution for us.  I even browsed the girly options in case I get tired of my Kate Spade glasses.  

3.  Phillip Lim for Target.  I snagged a handbag about a week and a half after the launch.  I've been carrying it daily and loving it.  I realize that this should have made it on my last Friday Five but I've definitely appreciated the size of the bag this week in particular.  It fits my Kate Spade planner (which I have been asked to review so watch out for that in an upcoming post).  I have also been able to stash my scarf and some snacks since I've been getting to work early some days and working late this week.  I have a company getaway this week and I need a professional looking bag that will hold everything I need for a full day of meetings.  

4.  I was recently contacted by Wedding Paper Divas complimenting my wedding posts where I showed off my papergoods.  They were so appreciative they offered me a promo code for their sister site Tiny Prints.  Oh yes I've already been eyeballing Christmas cards!  I used some of the promotion to make a few calling cards for my blog to bring to blogger meet-ups.  Now...I'd like to make something clear it took forever to make a decision whether or not to use my picture on the card.  They have a preset option with "hello" written in cursive that was so eerily similar to my blog greeting that I just went with it.  I don't want anyone to think I love myself so much that I need to pass out pictures of my face to complete strangers.  If I ever create a blog "button" design, I'm sure it would be a better option for the future.
For now I like it.

5.  More local fair fun.  This past weekend R and I spent some time in my hometown for rodeos, street vendors, and good ol' country fun.  Saturday we went to a street fair and parade - I wore my Ariat boots and R wore his new Justins just for the occasion.  Baby joined in on the fun and wore a festive bandana - though she tired quickly and R had to carry her on his shoulders.  She really did look like queen pup.  I didn't buy anything this year at the vendor fair but I ordered an anchor "wreath" for our front door that we probably won't use until next summer.  I loved it though and I have so many fall, holiday, and spring wreaths but nothing to go on the door appropriate from May to August.  After we had a delicious food truck dinner with friends, we made our way to the street dance and listened to some great live music.  Ah and my very favorite...people watching.  I never quite see anything all year like the things I see on this particular weekend
Don't take my word on it.  Join the link up and share your favorite five.  These lovely ladies are sweet enough to host it every week.


  1. I've heard sooo many good things about the Phillip Lim bag. Target really needs to hurry up and get in our city!

    1. All the Target stores in Raleigh were completely sold out but I traveled just 15 minutes outside of town and found several bags. I was so lucky that no one else thought to check one of the smaller stores. Maybe you'll get your Target soon - the newer ones have the nicest layout.

  2. I love that Phillip Lim bag! My Target ran out of the bags in seconds! I'm definitely getting Warby Parkers next time I get new glasses. So awesome you can try 5 on and send the ones back you don't like!

    1. I plan on taking pictures of hubs in his sample specs. We have to make a trip to the eye doctor to get his prescription. I've never thought to buy glasses this way but it's so economical. Even with good insurance that covered my frames and part of my lenses I still paid almost $250 out of pocket. Thank you for the compliment - the bag is such a good size for work.