Sunday, October 16, 2011

Protein Packed Snack

My most recent trip to the doctor revealed that I had slightly low albumin.  This test is not the best way to check your protein status as it is affected by many factors - illness, injury, hydration, etc., but I do intend on taking a few extra steps to make sure I get some extra protein in my diet.  I took a hard look at my own diet (because my job is to educate others on diet needs)...and I really don't get enough protein.  I love my greek yogurt but I don't drink milk because I'm lactose intolerant and almond milk is not a good protein source.  I eat beans a couple times a week and I love fish but I normally eat small amounts of meat and not at every meal.  I was in the habit of making protein shakes regularly a few months ago and I intend to start making them more often.  For the past few weeks I bought some LUNA bars - my absolute favorite protein snack to eat mid afternoon or for breakfast.
 I LOVE this chocolate dipped coconut bar!
 This was the first time I've tried the Iced Oatmeal Raisin and it's awesome for breakfast.
I also bought some of the chocolate peanut butter LUNA protein bars that have 12 g of protein versus the usual 9 grams.  I like them so far but the flavor isn't as good as some of the original ones and I wish there was a bigger variety of flavors.  I have been eating the original ones for years off and on and many of the flavors have improved, I have a lot of hope for the new high protein bars that they will get better with time.

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