Friday, October 21, 2011

An evening at the fair

R and I went to the fair yesterday evening and had a great time!  Thursday was Food Lion Hunger Relief day so by bringing 4 cans of food each, we received 2 free admission tickets.  We viewed all the expos and ate a ton of free samples - hushpuppies, cotton, candy, peanuts, coke max, etc.  R enjoyed a huge turkey leg and I had a crab cake.  We both waited in the longest line ever for NC State ice cream, I got chocolate and he chose the campfire flavor (similar to smores).  I purchased some maple butter from one of the stands and I can't wait to try it on baked goods, pancakes, and toast.  I also purchased some chocolate peanut butter fudge and some maple cotton candy.  Afterwards I was so glad we didn't pick up any junk food from the grocery this week because our house if full of it now!

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