Tuesday, August 30, 2011

My Best Friend's Wedding: Bridal Shower Tea

 I was forced to change the date of my best friend's bridal shower from Saturday to Sunday evening this past weekend due to Hurricane Irene.  I'm so glad I did, my electricity was out for about 36 hours and with so many fallen trees it was dangerous to be out driving.  Some of the other guests were grateful too, it seemed like everyone had a story to tell but on this beautiful Sunday the hurricane was a distant dream.
Katie's favorite flowers are gerber daisies so I wanted to include them in the centerpiece.  Unfortunately I had to get the flowers on Friday and they had to ride in the passenger seat, buckled up of course, for several hours on Sunday while I went to my mom's to get ready before having to set up at the bridal tea sight.  That picture on the left is of the happy couple, they love to cycle together!

 The shop owner set up all the tables with antique linens and mismatched antique tea sets.  We were served blood orange herbal tea, ginger peach black tea, and honeybush apricot tea.

 Each table had it's own set of tea treats.  The menu included gourmet cheeseball and crackers, cranberry scones with devonshire cream and lemon curd, cheddar thyme quiche, rosemary parmesan shortbread cookies, cucumber sandwiches, and red velvet cupcakes. 
 I love savory scones but this was my first sweet one.  I'd definitely make it again!  I have to say I like the term Devonshire cream much better than "clotted cream" - what an unappetizing name!
The beautiful bride sat at the head of the table.
 We played a game where the guests had to answer questions about the bride and groom and another where the guests had to guess which characteristics the groom loves about the bride using the letters of her name.  I'm so glad we decided to play games, they didn't take a lot of time and helped everyone interact with each other.

 It wasn't all food and games, the bride had to get down to business tearing all that wrapping paper so she could view her loot.  I love this shot of her gasping at her new crystal glasses.
The bride, myself, and another bridesmaid.  My outfit was from Ann Taylor Loft and I love that skirt and top combo!

This was the invitation, the bride loves turquoise and monograms so this was perfect.  It was purchased from Wedding Paper Divas.  They really are a great company and their site allowed me to customize the wording and the lettering and they sent me a proofread, electronic copy within 24 hours.   I wouldn't hesitate to order from them again.
This was the party favor for the event.  I wanted everyone to go home with a treat they could enjoy on a bagel, toast, biscuit or scone of their choice.  I've had several flavored butters before and this is one of my favorites!


  1. Did you make the butter or get it from somewhere? It sounds delicious

  2. Thats going to be my next post! It is good, much better than store bought.