Monday, August 22, 2011

The Calm before the Craziness

I thought I should explain to ya'll wonderful gals who have stuck around for me what I've been up to the past several weeks.  I take these "blog breaks" from time to time and I miss it so much!  When I've had free time lately the computer just hasn't been my top priority.

Aside from my normal daily dietitian activities at my clinic, I'm also "the planner."  Next month I am planning an "end of summer" cookout for each of my clinics, along with a health fair and a free community kidney disease screen in October.  I'm also looking ahead to see what we will be doing for the patients as a special treat during the holidays.   My Spring health fair in the one clinic was such a great success I wanted to host a Fall event for the other center - I'm just hoping for a great turnout.

My weekends have been spent party planning (See Maid of Honor duties) and watching movies along with several trips for frozen yogurt.  On Sunday we visited a new church that I'm hoping will be a keeper.  We also saw The Help in theaters.  I was surprised that R liked it...I thought it was one of the most well acted, well directed films I've seen in a long time.

Football begins in a couple short weeks and we are gearing up for the first game.  This is definitely where R shines, he talks about tailgating all year long and makes plans several weeks months in advance.  Even more exciting news, next month R and I will be here:
  I'm so excited for our trip.  I haven't had a proper vacation in a couple of years. 

Maid of Honor Duties.
I am co-hosting a bridal shower with another bridesmaid and it's this Saturday!  I'm so excited!  I had a terrible dream that I was there with all the food and no one showed up for it.  Luckily I've had several RSVP so I don't think it'll be a party for one.  Speaking of which...R S V P.  I had to hunt down a couple of people and I really think it could be a generation thing - maybe ladies my age like to keep their agendas open until the last minute.  The owner of the tea shop has been so wonderful to work with, I'd love to be a reference for her business because she really has bent over backwards to make sure this is special.  I'm planned the bachelorette party back in March so now I only have to touch base with all the girls before we travel in October. 
I'm looking forward to that girls weekend as well - it won't be a relaxing getaway, oh no, I'm expecting it to be a fun and festive couple of days!  The bride has scheduled a couple of other events in September but then I think it'll be smooth sailing until the wedding date (for me anyway, certainly more stressful for her).

Expect to read more from me in the upcoming weeks.  I have a couple of product reviews that I want to post and photos from all these great events!

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