Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Weekend Getaway...

This past holiday weekend I spent some time on Oak Island with R's family. It's an annual trip for them and I was delighted when he asked me to tag along. Friday we arrived and immediately went down to enjoy to the shore to enjoy the rest of the evening in the sun. Saturday there was a big cookout and a lot of beach time. Sunday R and I explored Oak Island and Southport where we found a great little resturant on the waterfront and enjoyed a game of mini golf. I managed not to burn until the last day and I've been in a bit of pain for the past couple of days. This is R and I the night of the cookout. Oh and that tasty beverage I'm holding is my new favorite summer drink...a Sam Adams Blackberry Ale.
Here's what I packed for my trip:
Two sundresses, shorts, a tank and three bathing suits. I also brought a beach dress and shorts with a t shirt for coverups that aren't shown. I didn't want to overpack...R assured me it would be a laid back weekend and it was. Usually I stress out packing for a trip and this was a breeze.

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