Monday, June 6, 2011

Seashell Wreath

Saturday I spent two hours making this summer wreath for my front door. I had a giant pickle jar full of shells that I've collected through the years and I wanted to find a use for them. This is a easy project that turns out quite nice I think if you are looking to get rid of a pickle jar full of shells in your home!
You'll need:
A styrofoam hoop found in the wreath section
Ribbon, muslin, or any other type of fabric to wrap around the hoop (I used approx 28 ft)
Hot glue gun
Shells - I bought a few pretty ones and a couple of starfish
Wrap the ribbon or fabric around the styrofoam wreath and either hot glue the ends together or use a straight pin. Use hot glue to start attaching the shells to the wreath. I found it was a lot easier to glue a large shell on first and then fill in with small shells afterwards. Mix up sizes, shapes, and colors for interest and make sure you can't see any ribbon after the shells are on. Once the wreath is covered on the front, inside rim and outside rim - glue on your pretty shells so they are in the front. After the whole project had dried I looped a yellow ribbon over the wreath and made a bow so I could hang it.

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