Thursday, June 30, 2011

Makeup Review - MUFE Mat Velvet Foundation

I have been using this product for weeks and I feel that I can accurately say this is one of the best foundations I've ever used. 

Color - MUFE foundation comes in a wide variety of skin shades.  Mine is Ivory and it doesn't go on yellow based as some of the Nars / Laura Mercier foundations I've tested.  It blends naturally with my natural skin color.

Staying Power - It holds up to Carolina humidity and that is a top priority for me.  It has held up on a hot day when I was helping R move and some hot beach nights.  Now as for it being matte...yes and no.  I'd say for the most part, indoors while I'm at work I stay shine free.  If I'm going to be active or outside of course I still get shiny so I use powder and rice paper to neaten my appearance. 

Coverage - In my experience it would be a medium coverage foundation.  I've used an Estee Lauder 18 hour foundation before that was full coverage and Korres WRF which is light coverage - this is in between.  All the redness is covered and my skin tone is even.  It even covered some sunburn that I had around my hairline, no one would have ever known.

Final word - I have sensitive, combination skin and I occasionally get breakouts.  I haven't had any bumps that I can relate to this product. This product is oil free and water resistant but is easily removed with my Avalon Organics face wash or my Olay cleansing cloths.  It's also light which is nice, on hot humid days I don't want a heavy layer of makeup on my skin and this one doesn't feel like a mask.  It doesn't contain sunscreen so that is an important consideration if you don't wear a daily lotion that contains one.

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