Thursday, April 14, 2011

Update on life and work

I was in desperate need for a blogging hiatus.
March was insane at work...National Nutrition Month and National Kidney Month = tons of education and promotion for a renal dietitian. By the way if you'd like the most updated nutrition research is the place to go, well it's where I go anyway for the most honest information out there. I've also been planning a health and resource fair for my clinic which has taken a lot of my free time and provided an abundance of stress!
Enough about work, I have a social life as well. FUN! In the past few weeks I planned a bachelorette party for my BFF...I can't share any of the details until much much closer to the event because I don't want to spoil any surprises and she reads my blog. I will say two things, planning a weekend away is difficult with 7 women that all live in different areas and I planned it for the fall a month before her wedding. I don't want her to think about bridal dieting or any of that crap on this particular weekend - there will be alcohol and good food because, after all, my whole life revolves around food. Shamefully I planned the dinner location before any of the rest of the itinerary.
My birthday was April 1 and the new boyfriend (what? I haven't mentioned him? in a minute!) celebrated his April 5. Really we had one weekend party together and a few family and friend mini-events. He planned a surprise cookout for me, or tried to, but I ruined it. The past couple of weeks have been a blast!
Lilly's birthday is celebrated in April too, she is 4 this year!
This was the cake given to me from my coworkers at a work party:
Oh and the new boy. He's a keeper! He had a florist drop off these beauties on my birthday:
My personal goal is to actually start taking a few photos. I'm not that girl who always whips out a flash at the most photo ready opportunity. I've never been that good. I have a lot of big events this year though and I'd like to take some photos for my blog so I'm going to put in a lot of effort. The next few post will probably be food related because I've been cooking a lot lately - I'm basically addicted to Cooking Channel. Hello, Kelseys Essentials is freaking fantastic. And even when I don't post I still like to catch up on my favorite cooking blogs. In the next few weeks I'm definitely going to be busy. The boy is graduating and I have several reunions with old friends planned along with BFF's engagement party. I'll post when I can but I did want to let my subscribers know I'm still here.

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