Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Jimmy Buffett Welcome to Fin Land Tour 2011

I like Jimmy Buffett but I've never called myself a "parrothead". R and I attended this show and both left feeling like we could take the title! We met up with R's friends for a tailgate before the show...because thats how pirates do. R and I before the tequila. Love his hat and shirt! He even bought new sunglasses for the occasion! Maui Jims!
This was our little island in the parking lot. There was a ton of tailgating, it was a well attended show even though it was the middle of the week.
R's new grill!!!! He received this as a birthday gift and it's his own piece of tailgate heaven and the center attention! R is very into charcoal so propane was a new experience. All day King of the Hill was running through my head...Hank would be proud!
R's new grilling tool kit, a birthday gift from his sister.
R and I killed at cornhole. No pictures because it would ruin my game! I wish we had been able to play more but he had to take a break to start our dinner and everyone else was happy relaxing under the tent.
We left around 6:30 to get into the show and I'm so glad we did. Everyone who waited until 7 had to stand in some long lines at the ticket counter. But I wanted a tshirt and I didn't want them to run out of smalls. R bought one for me...he likes to rack up points, silly boy doesn't know he's already won the game!
Welcome to Fin Land - the. show. was. amazing. Beach balls, leis and hoola skirts galore! The main show featured a lot of his hits, Come Monday, Margaritaville, Changes in Latitudes Changes in Attitudes, Fins, Volcano, Cheeseburger in Paradise, and One Particular Harbor. There were additional songs such as Brown Eyed Girl and It's Five O'clock Somewhere. He played two encores that included A Pirate looks at 40 and a couple of new ones. We left during the middle of the last encore...I wanted to beat the crowd and we still had to drive home so I could work the next day. R and I tried to shag but my foot kept getting tangled in the blanket we had spread on the ground. That and there wasn't a lot of room, there were a ton of people on the lawn. Everyone was standing because the ground was still wet from the storms and many were trying to dance in the very limited space. We had fun regardless, I hope R and I can do more shows. This is probably the most interactive one I've been to, Jimmy Buffett talked to the crowd and there was footage throughout his performance of people at the show. The fans in general were such a fun crowd, it was a great escape in the middle of the week and I'm so glad R invited me to go with him and his friends!

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