Monday, April 25, 2011

Easter 2011

Wow. I can't believe I missed posting a holiday message for my blogger friends, sorry guys! I had a great holiday weekend and I hope everyone else did. Mine was fairly low key until Sunday's holiday festivities. We went to a contemporary church service in the morning which was good but I don't think this will be my church...the music was great and the sermon was easy to get into but there was something missing. It wasn't warm and inviting the way some churches are, I think I'll be sticking with traditional service from now on. My boyfriend's family was nice enough to ask me to join them for Easter lunch. What a spread! Potato salad, macaroni and cheese, bbq chicken, brussel sprouts, fresh corn, deviled eggs, banana pudding, and chocolate creme brulee - everything a holiday meal should include. His mom gave me a chocolate bunny which was my very first, the Easter Bunny never put one in my basket growing up. Speaking of baskets, this is the one I made for R (boyfriend's new reference!). I left it for him to find. I knew I wanted to get him a Red Sox Tervis Tumbler - I have one with my monogram on it and I use it alot when I commute for work and especially during tailgate season. I also bought him some bbq sauce that I love, we plan on cooking out sometime this week and I hope he likes it too. I bought his family a bromiliad for Easter. I was really looking for a spring mum but I couldn't find one and I knew I didn't want to buy a lily. It looked so nice on my entry way table I might get one for my house. It's hard to have a houseplant with a cat. We finished the day at the movies watching Arthur. I like the original so I hoped this wouldn't disappoint and it really didn't. I'm shocked at how much I liked it. I'm not Russell Brand's biggest fan but he definitely played the part well. I watched him on Rachel Ray when he explained how much he related to Arthur and his life before Katy Perry. All in all a fantastic holiday. But the best part, "drumroll"........R and I booked a vacation! I'm so excited but more on that in a seperate post!

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