Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Snack Time!

So I realized that only in blogland it's considered normal to photograph your food, I've gotten some strange looks in the past few days when I reach for a camera before my fork. Some people like to take photos of flowers, so tit for tat. In light of the new "everyday food" posts, I thought I'd also include some of my favorite snacks. I like to keep these items in stock and usually try to buy them up when they are on sale.
From Left to Right starting in the back.
Nuts - I bought these Cocoa Roasted Almond 100 calorie packs this week because I wanted to try them (and they're delish!) but normally I buy unsalted almonds or walnuts from the baking aisle and toast them with my own seasonings or eat them raw.
Dark Chocolate Squares - I keep some in my desk at work and some at home. Love them!
Fruit - these are Sunsweet Ones but I love all dried and fresh fruit. I never new I liked prunes until I tried these.
Apple crisps - These are hard to find but each bag of dehydrated apple crisps have 1.5 apples in them and my mom and I love them. Again all fruit is good for me, I have applesauce in the cabinet as well but it didn't make the picture.
Popcorn - Usually I buy Smart Balance Light Butter microwavable popcorn but I also like these Smartfood popcorn clusters.
Fiberplus bars - Sometimes I eat these with a cup of yogurt for breakfast but I also like them for a snack.
Low fat String cheese - yum!
Jello Mousse cups - my new obsession, I like the dark chocolate ones
Sugar Free, Fat free pudding mix - I make a bowl of it and it lasts all week.
My favorite after work or late night snack, a glass of almond milk and a bag of popcorn clusters. They remind me of old school cracker jacks but with a "fresher" taste - no prize though.

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