Tuesday, May 25, 2010

New Shoes - Burkes Outlet Spree

We have a new outlet shop near home that is similar to a TJ Maxx or Ross Store called Burkes Outlet. I'm not sure if they're a national chain or not but I found two pairs of cute shoes and some white no show athletic socks (not shown) for less than $50. On Mondays the store gives 15% discounts to ages 49 and up (Mom) and on Fridays discounts for 49 and under (Me). I'm thinking of going this Friday and purchasing some cute items to spruce up my two offices. NY & Co Patent Graphite heels. $24.99
Unsure of the brand but I'd never heard of it. These cute fabric giraffe print flats. $19.99
And for your viewing pleasure:
Lilly felt like posing this morning when we woke up. I took several photos and this is the only one where her eyes didn't make her look demon possessed.


  1. oh my gosh, I wish I had one of those stores, I love the deals at Ross and TJ Maxx! Hope you have a great day! ~Andrea

  2. oh and I forgot to tell you, I am passing along a blog award to you that I will post either tonight or tomorrow if you want to play along!