Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Moving = ick!

I'm so over this move. I'm so excited to be close to family and to start a new job but the actual process of moving is beyond craptastic. I've been working every afternoon after work to get it all packed and I'm still not done. Family members are coming this week to take a load of boxes and I'll be taking Lilly and some breakables items home on Sunday. Next weekend I'm moving all the furniture via Uhaul, cleaning the empty apartment, and turning in my keys....the end is in sight but it can't get here quick enough. On top of it all I'm working this weekend at the hospital so the next few days will be very stressful. Just wanted to drop a quick line so no one thinks I've gone MIA as I have in the past. I will be able to do posts next week while I'm off work but this week has been so busy it hasn't been an option.

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