Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Trouser Perfection

Sooooo - I have a confession. I wear the same pants every day. Not the same pair of course but the same brand, the same style, different colors and fabrics. Express Editor Pants have been around for several years, I discovered them in college when shopping options were limited at the town's tiny mall and I've kept buying them over the years. The fit is fantastic - straight cut with slightly flared legs, fitted at the waist with a little give around the rear. I bought my first pair 6 years ago and I threw them away last year so I definitely think they're good quality. I currently own about 11 different colors and in summer fabrics and winter fabrics. Recently Express released a line of thick waist band editors that I like as well to keep any winter tummy rolls smooth under your top. Express also has the Illustrator pant for curvier girls and the Stylist wide leg trouser meant for smaller waists. I'll probably buy these as long as they make them, I love the buy 1 get 1 50% sale Express has a few times a year and I get rewards for making Express purchases. I haven't found a pant yet that I prefered over these. I also own a few pairs of the city shorts and cropped pants in the Editor style and I have had a pair of the denim trousers before.
The basic colors and prints are $49.50, wide waistband editors are usually around $59.50, and specialty fabrics and prints are usually $79.50. Specialty fabrics and prints do not come in long or short lengths.


  1. Ahh! I've had these bookmarked for awhile now to buy!! I think it's time- and yes, I wear the same style of pants as well- I'm sure people think I have no other clothes.

  2. i just recently bought a pair of the thick waisted pair - i had to have my gramma hem them cause i'm so short and they are so super long on me - but i love them!! i got a cool black with a scribbly white print on them. i'm just going back to work and didn't have many dress pants - so when i get work full time, i'll be doing more Express shopping as it is my favorite store!

  3. i have editors and they are the only pants I wear too! I have the thick waist pair and they are my fave!