Friday, March 5, 2010

Review: Urban Decay Alice in Wonderland Palette

I typically do not buy "limited edition" or kitschy type beauty products, unfortunately I met my match. I could not have turned this down if I tried and BELIEVE me I attempted to talk myself out of it. Blah, I'm such a sucker. It made the deal a little sweeter when I discovered it was getting harder to find and my Sephora only had 2 left. Behold...
I never stood a chance. The packaging! The colors! Look at that cutie travel size primer potion! I have been using this on a daily basis, Mushroom, Mad Hatter, and Vorpal are the three I'm wearing to work the most. Most of the shades are a bit shimmery for work but I actually don't own a lot of really fun eyeshadow colors so this was a good way to experiment while getting some safe shades as well. Look at that turquoise eyeliner, perfect for a pop of color this summer right?!?!
I'm too excited about this movie, it technically had it's first showing last night at midnight in my area but of course stupid work got in my way. Thanks to fandango I will have my ticket to (drumroll ) Alice in Wonderland 3D, the IMAX Experience. SO FLIPPING EXCITED!

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