Friday, March 26, 2010

Puppy Love

Nights like this where I'm sitting around the house wishing I had something warm to snuggle to, I start dreaming of being a mommy to a sweet puppy. Honestly I would have gotten one already except I'm waiting until I can get some kind of yard for a dog to play in. There aren't many dogs that I feel any connection with but I absolutely love dachshunds. My ex boyfriend (the one I lived with) had one and I think this breed is fantastic. Meet Doodle Bug, this is me holding him at a church picnic when Luke and I were still dating. He was the love of my life - when we broke up he took Bug and Lilly came with me. I miss his sweet puppy face :-(
I found this image on Google, I love this gray and black dapple coloring.
This is my friend Starr's puppy. Look at that whiskey colored coat and that liver colored nose.
Starr's puppy again - CUTE!
My boyfriend is wanting one of these roly poly puppies in his life. I definitely think they're neat dogs. On the show Greatest American Dog, Tillman the bulldog was my favorite contestant.


  1. Aww those dauchsands are so adorable. I have a 5 ½ year old dauchsand myself named Rocky. He has the dapple color kind of like the dog above, though not as much. I’m 19 and since I was a child the only dogs I’ve ever had were dauchsands. Tipper was a miniature, but we were playing in the back yard one day and my mom didn’t see her and she ran around to the front yard and had gotten run over. Sarge was not a miniature, and when he was about 4 or 5, he got a ruptured disc in his back and surgery didn’t fix it, we had to put him to sleep. That brings me to my current dog, Rocky. He is my favorite so far (shhh!) :) I couldn’t imagine not having a dog as they bring so much joy in my life as do all animals. I can’t believe how some people mistreat and abuse their animals. It tears my heart up! Good luck finding a dog!

  2. OMG so sorry that happened to your animals! Hounds always follow their noses and it can get them into trouble, Rocky sounds lovely!