Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Review: David Babaii for Wildaid Volcanic Ash Sculpting Clay

I blogged about this in a recent Sally Beauty Supply Haul - please refer to post for a photo. Every once in a while a product comes along that is so versatile and so spectacular you just can't keep it a secret. The volcanic ash sculpting clay won the 2009 InStyle Best Beauty Buys award. It smells divine, like grape bubblegum and the consistency is soft and gummy (not a paste or a wax). It's mainly used to give the hair texture, the package states: " Apply a small amount to palms and warm before applying to dry or wet hair to create various textures and finish to your style. It is ideal for style definition (curls, spikes, twists) and adds volume and lift while providing medium to firm support." This product is completely unisex and I think it would compliments mens style perfectly as well as giving that piecey look to layers in female hair.
  • I've used it on my natural curls when they're dry to seperate and smooth them.
  • I used a little on my shortest layers to frame my face after I tossed my hair in a messy bun.
  • It worked well on my curled hair (using a curling iron) for texture without taking out the curl.
  • I use a tiny amount every morning to smooth down the baby hairs around my forehead.
I don't have bangs but I can imagine you could apply this wet to bangs (or any shorter hair) for great hold and definition after styling. I'm still discovering new uses for it but it's my favorite texturizing product that I've used (I've tried putty, wax, pomade, gel, etc) because I can apply it to Day 1 hair and it's not greasy when I go to wash it on Day 3. I hate using too many products because most won't allow you to go as many days between washings. This product doesn't weigh down my curl and what little volume I have. I paid $4.99 on for a 4 oz container. The brand is cruelty free and free of sulfates, parabens, and petrochemicals. The company supports Wildaid by donating 10% of all profits for the benefit of global wildlife conservation.


  1. Great review! I'm surprised you can keep it in your hair up to the third day - like you said, I also find that styling products require me to wash my hair at the end of the day or the very next day at the latest.
    Sally Beauty Supply has some pretty good stuff but sadly the closest one to me is quite far away still. And I have sooo many hair products it's not even funny! LOL. But I'll have to keep this one in mind when I finally run out of pomade/hair wax :)

  2. I can't seem to find this product anymore! Do you know where I can still find this? If not, do you know of another product similar to this that you can recommend?