Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Beauty Vanity Organization - A work in Progress

I'm using the term "organization" lightly here, my things are really just thrown into drawers but I like watching everyone elses collections so here is my "little" loot.
Parsons chair from Kirklands, desk was a yard sale find, mirrors and tissue holder from TJ Maxx, plastic drawers from walmart.
Sephora Inspired Brush Holder with my Sigma Brush set and a few randoms
Perfume, Eyeliner, Mascara, and Nail Polish
Eye Products - cream liners, primer, random quads and duos. To the left I laid out my Coastal Scents Palette and my 2 MAC palettes that normally go on top. Looks like I had a powder spill on one of my smaller palettes.
Lips - lipsticks and lipglosses. In the back there I have a few hairbands and hair clips. Clearly this is raw footage, it doesn't always look this messy.
Face - bronzers, blushes, mineral foundation, concealer. Again I laid my MAC blush palette on the left but it normally goes on top of the blushes.
Bottom Drawers
Hair Tools - I told you it was thrown in together. My flat iron was in my bathroom so it did not get to make an appearance.
Randoms - I keep my nail kit in this one along with my roller set, some extra sponges, the gloves I use to apply self tanner and a makeup bag that has a bunch of samples and my extra contacts.
I'm really thinking I'd like to get one of these from Ross or Target to organize my palettes.


  1. Looks like its coming along well!
    Where did you get the thing on top where you have nail polishes and mascaras?

  2. that is a realllly good idea! i never thought to use that. I might just snag your idea! thankyou btw

  3. wonder how it will stay this neat! I always organize everything when I clean my room and all, but it never looks this organized! and within a week, it's all messy again... I hope you can keep this up haha!


  4. @ Gena, it's a Caboodles Brand organizer from Target. Look where they have makeup bags and train cases, they also have these clear organizers.

    @ T. Lee Thank you so much for subscribing, my little set up was done on the cheap.

    @ Toothfairy thank you, I didn't really consider it organized. You see some collections that are color coordinated and have dividers - mine is kind of tossed in a drawer.