Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Tag: 5 Things That Gross Me Out

#5 The words: Hemorrhage, Diarrhea, and Aneurysm. I don't mind the meaning of the words but I really don't like the spelling and I hate the way they sound when I say them. I work in a hospital so these are pretty common words in my day to day life.

  #4 Wet tissue paper. Ugh, the thought of this makes me gag. You know people who take a piece of facial or bath tissue and wipe the counter and the paper gets all wet. I can't touch it, I just can't.

  #3 Soggy Food. I had a roommate once that left food on the plate when she put it in the sink and it would get all soggy, especially the bread - yak, I have trouble thinking about it. Just put it in the garbage disposal already, don't let it get soggy and stick to everything.

  #2 Roaches. I think of roaches as being dirty. I hate the way they crawl all ever everything with their little antennas feeling all over all my stuff. Just nasty, and they're almost impossibly to get rid of. You spray them and it takes them forever to die! Actually that is a big reason I decided to keep Lilly, when she came to live with me, I never saw another roach...alive.

  #1 Slugs. This has to be the most useless creature in existance. They're wet and leave trails of slime! Have you ever accidently stepped on one while barefoot..no, just no. Honorable mention, jumping spiders - not necessarily gross but they freak me out big time!


  1. Funny how quite a few things you mentioned are of the damp, slimy kind. Oh I'm definitely scared/grossed out about all sorts of bugs & insects- even dead ones although I rarely find them in that state! And bad hygiene in general grosses me out big time!

  2. Hmm..good point, maybe I should have just put "I hate anything wet and slimy". I'm such a texture person, some people can handle it, I absolutely cannot.