Monday, October 19, 2009

My Daily Quick "Touch Up" Routine

I don't have a lot of time with my work schedule for face and hair touchups. After lunch everyday I take a peek at myself and if I need repairing I have a quick routine that will get me through the rest of the work day. The first thing I do is check my teeth (of course, after lunch) and I have floss on hand in my makeup bag. If my skin is shiny I'll use an oil blotting tissue from Sally Beauty Supply and sometimes I'll use MAC blotting powder afterwards. Next I'll decide what to do with my lips, usually I'll just give them a swipe of gloss. I try to keep whatever lipstick/lipgloss I picked out that morning but my standbys are Rimmel Airy Fairy and Revlon Mineral Lipgloss in Eternal Blossom which are always in my makeup bag. If my eyeliner has faded I'll reapply, I keep a Rimmel black liner in my purse and in my lab coat at work. Last I'll decide what to do with my hair, I keep a teasing comb from Sally Beauty Supply in my bag and usually I'll comb out my ends and push the hair up at the crown. Unfortunately this is the point some days when my hair might go up in a low bun or pony tail, I can't take hairspray (or perfume) to work because I work around asthmatics and patients with end stage COPD type conditions. This process takes less than 5 minutes, I wish I had more time to refresh my look but this will do for work. My "play" days are much more fun because I bring some different products with me and freshen up whenever I want.

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  1. Oh I know the feeling work sometimes just takes over everything thou I have to say I love Macs Blotting powder I dont know what I would do without it great blog BTW tried to follow but it wont let me :(