Thursday, July 9, 2009

Review: Tanwise and Model Co Airbrush Tan in a Can

Review: Tanwise I picked this up from Sally Beauty Supply for about $10. It has some really great reviews online. Apparently there was a product called Savage Bronze that was discontinued at Sally and this was what replaced it. I've been using it for 3 weeks, every other day and I have had great success with it. The product comes in as an orange/brown mousse which really scared me at first. The St Tropez that I had been using is dark green and I felt that may be what kept me from turning orange. I do have to keep shaking it every other pump or so and the actual amount of product per pump isn't quite as much as what comes out in one pump of St Topez. I love St Tropez because it doesn't have a smell. This product does have a smell when it comes out of the bottle. It isn't terrible - just smells like a salon, but it quickly goes away. It dries quickly; I haven't had any problems with it coming off on my sheets so far but a little comes off on my night gown underneath the arms. The end result is a nice bronze tan; I prefer the end results of this product to the St Tropez because it lasts a little longer and gives me more color. My skin just doesn't take self tanners that well so I have to dig to find one that will: 1. Deposit color (that isn't orange) and 2. Keep the color for more than 1 day. I alternate using this product every other day with L'Oreal Daily Tinted Moisturizer and alternate it with this product for the remainder of the bottle. I have already seen the next product I would like to try; it is a tanning system from SunLove that Allthatglitters21 reviewed, (see summer wish list post for more information). I would buy this again, in fact I think this product is good for summer but it will be great to use for color all winter long. Review: Model Co Tan Airbrush in a Can I've heard a lot of good and bad things about this product. It was on sale at my local TJ Maxx for $12.99 so I thought I would give it a try. Basically I don't think I'm a spray can tan kind of girl; tanning mousse is so much easier to apply. To use this product I had to stand in the shower, hold this product 12-14 inches away from my body and continually, every few seconds, shake the can so it wouldn't come out in streaks. If done correctly it is a fine spray that covers well and deposits fairly natural looking color. I can't say anything bad about the end result but the process was a pain in the rear and I think I'm very lucky that it didn't streak. After I finished spraying I blotted some areas with bath tissues. I also had to take a cloth and wipe down my shower because I was afraid the remainder would stain it. I wasn't brave enough to use this on my face so I use my St. Tropez on the face instead. This is already collecting dust in my cabinet; I will probably swap it as there seem to be a lot of fans.


  1. i use the model co on my face and it works our really well!

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