Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Recap of our Easter...

I wanted to share a bit more about our holiday and a few of the 500+ pictures I've taken over the last few days.

Last week was filled with egg hunts, our church rescheduled our egg hunt for Wednesday evening after youth activities and fellowship meal and nugget had her class egg hunt on Thursday evening.

Our daycare was closed Good Friday and Easter Monday so I had an extra long weekend with Ava, we had such a great time together, I realized how much I miss thoughout the day.  I still think daycare is the best option for us - she loves to play with her friends all day and her teachers are great...but I enjoyed this treat of four full days to hang out with my nugget.

Easter morning she woke up to a surprise...

Then we got dressed in our Sunday Best for church. Gramma came over and gave Ava her Easter gifts including a little yellow bunny embroidered with her name.

Followed by lunch at R's grandmother's house.  R's mom made everyone extra large peanut butter eggs as a take home Easter treat.

And a cousin egg hunt, it was awful weather - dreary with a side of rain so the eggs were hidden inside.

After such a busy day our little family crashed, we were going to do our traditional Easter dinner but we just didn't have the energy so we had leftovers and went to bed early instead.  Ava was so exhausted she gave us almost nine hours of sleep with only 1 night feed...unheard of these days!

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