Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Ava Rose at 11 months...

 Our little bear turned 11 months on March 1st - of course I had to have a picture of her Easter ensemble!  I'm so late getting this posted, it recaps the full month of February.
Eleven month facts:
  • Two bottom teeth and toward the end of the month a top one made an appearance.
  • She loves to use sign language and understands Kitty and doggy - she can even do the finger snap.
  • Loves to sing, hum, blow raspberries, and talk...she is most vocal right before she goes to sleep.  She can converse and answer you when you talk.
  • Sleeping 4-5 hours straight most nights sometimes more, sometimes less.  We usually wake at least twice and now that she can crawl and sit up in bed, it can make it even harder to get her back to sleep.
  • Prefers smooth textured foods, sometimes when she tries something new she will reach in her mouth and pull the food back out just to squish it with her fingers.
  • Mostly eats what we eat but if it isn't suitable then she loves eggs, yogurt, and fruit so it's an easy "go to".
  • Favorite meal is probably cheesy grits and eggs - you can't feed it to her fast enough.
  • Can pull to stand and "cruise" along furniture, all month she got better and better at it.
  • Will walk with her new walker but it also scares her a bit.
Nicknames - all the same as last month, maybe with the addition of "boogie"

Weight: unknown, we go to the doctor in April

Length: We will find out soon

Eyes:  Same as they were at birth

Clothes: 6-9 month, her 12 month summer clothes are washed though since the weather will be warming up soon.  I put away everything that wasn't 9 month and shed a few tears.  We are moving to 12 month jammies this month. 

Diapers: size 3, they fit better than size 2 for sure.   We love pampers most but Luvs fit nicely as well.

Sleeping: In her crib until the 4am feeding then she usually stays in bed with me.  But she is sleeping at least 4 hours at night and we but her down between 7:30 and 8pm.

Likes: nursery at church, her "grandma" day every week, being read to, a back and feet massage, getting her hair brushed, bananas, a warm bed (we use a heating pad before we lay her in it to warm the sheets), playing in the bath.

Dislikes:  peas, being ignored, being alone, waking up at night, getting her nails clipped, the "witching" hour after 8pm, and she hasn't cared for yogurt melts in the past several weeks

Feeding: Everything. She still takes 3 bottles a day, unlimited water from a sippy, 2 snacks at daycare with at least one of them being fruit, usually a jar of food at school and another big meal at home when we eat dinner.  Unlimited nursing and she likes teething wafers, I think it helps her to chew something since her gums have been so swollen.

Ava's Favorites: Happy Tot pouches, vtech walker, Bubble Guppies, Nuk sippy cups, Little People, Highlights Hello magazine

Milestones: First stomach flu - she was sick quite a bit between a stomach bug and colds, first Valentines Day, pulled up by herself the first time and can walk along furniture while holding on, and went to the church nursery for the first time.  We had our first incident report at school where she fell and received an "ouchy" on her upper lip - the teacher assured us it would be the first of many.  Oh it was Ava's second time seeing snow but her first time "playing" in it.

Extras from our little photo session, because I had a difficult time picking a favorite-

Postpartum - back to my pre-pregnancy weight and back in my regular clothes - woo hoo!

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