Monday, September 28, 2015

Preparing for Fall

Because Fall isn't all pumpkin spice latte and Hocus Pocus..the weather is going to get a bit more chilly and it's my first being a Mama.  I think we have Halloween checked off for now so I'm looking towards colder temps, getting baby girl on steady solids and the beginning of the holidays! These are some goodies on our list to prepare for the weeks ahead.

1. Beaufort Bonnet in Nantucket Navy, the perfect bonnet to go with her hot pink jacket this Winter.  It's been back ordered for ages but I have finally tracked one down locally. It's a splurge for sure but I can count on TBBC to have the cutest of the cute in babywear!

2.  I'm torn on mittens.  Baby girl always has cold hands and I'm not sure how long she will keep them on but these were well reviewed on Lucie's List as being slip proof.

3.  Fleece Zutano Booties, she will be getting a pair of these in the next two weeks, they are perfect for every day and they will keep her toes toasty at daycare.

4.  We have an Ergo gifted to us by my sister in law, but it is really uncomfortable to wear with  my short torso. I have heard great things about the Tula and I can't wait to make one mine.  This will be perfect for being outdoors and snuggling close to keep the baby warm. #wearthebabies

5.  I was going to order this dress for Thanksgiving Day, but my mother in law gave Ava a pretty corduroy dress that might be perfect for the occasion.  With just the right bow of course.  I also need to pick up some tights and bloomers for Fall/Winter now that baby girl wears a size 2.

6. The baby has been eating solids in the evenings and soon we will have to pack food for outings. I'll need to prepare the diaper bag with some essentials.  This spoon has been on the wish list for a while and I think it will be great to toss in the bag with a jar if I need to feed on the go.

7.  Because every holiday needs a special book.  We have purchased a few fall/halloween theme books but not one for Thanksgiving yet.  Over the weekend we picked up Max the Brave and Llama Llama Trick or Treat.

8. Ai, again with the feeding.  We learned the hard way that cloth wasn't the way to go (but it was all we had)!  So we bought some easy to wipe bibs and they have been awesome for purees.  I think when we start getting to food with consistency these bibs are the way to go.  I've heard nothing but raves about this brand but I know there are similar bibs on the market for a less hefty price tag.

9.  Finally sweet girl is teething and I've had my eye on a mint and coral necklace from Minted Lane's etsy shop.  I may try a baltic amber necklace if she is really struggling, some of the moms at daycare swear by it, but for now I think I'd just like to have something she can chew on that isn't going to be dropped on the floor.

Fall is our favorite time of year and we can't wait to get started on our bucket list for Ava's first.  Comment below if you have any feeding favorites because we are learning this through trial and error.

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