Saturday, June 13, 2015

Mommy Beauty, an updated routine

I've been back at work now for two weeks and that means I've had to get up and look presentable at 6:30 am every morning.  I don't need to be glamorous for my job but I do need to look neat and put together. However, I also have to get my daughter ready for daycare, my pump bag ready for work, pack my lunch, make a breakfast - its much more work than before baby.  I've cut down my routine dramatically - I do try to pack as much of my meal as I can the night before and I try to shower / blow dry my hair at night to help save time.

A few makeup items have really helped me

mommy makeup

This routine takes 6-7 minutes.  Tarte BB cream is awesome, it blurs any redness and brightens my face.  It also works as a mattifier, though I usually have to use face lotion underneath it.  Benefit Boi-ing concealer is the best at hiding my undereye circles and I tend to use Tarte bronzer all over my face and neck...because I'm paper white and need a bit of color.  Bobbi Brown Pale Pink blush and Bobbi Brown Sandwashed Pink add color...and since I have limited mommy room in my diaper bag, this lipstick and one chapstick are the only two beauty products that made the cut. I don't always have time for eyeshadow but usually I reach for foolproof neutral colors like Bootycall and Foxy from the Naked 2 palette. I have to do my brows with Anastasia brow powder and a swipe of Tarte mascara finishes the look.  It's quick, it's easy, and I don't even have to think about it.

Now for hair.  I just don't have time to fix it every day.  A ponytail, a top knot, or a bun are my choices.  I can leave it with natural curl but I will need a cut soon to get it layered.  I don't care to put the effort in to curl it everyday...especially with NC humidity fighting my hard work.  I'm due for a trim and color in the upcoming weeks and I'm seriously thinking about getting a mommy chop.  Isn't it a terrible idea to get a haircut after a big life, giving birth?  I have such a hard time making decisions like this, I've had too many "bad" haircuts in my life.  Oh and this week my hair has started falling out, I was warned it would happen but it is alarming when you see clumps of hair fall out.  It is actually a good thing for me though, my hair is so thick right now that I have difficulty styling it.  Anyway, I've pinned some hair inspiration for a possibly mom cut...
via Google images
I'll be making a decision in the next two weeks.

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