Monday, June 29, 2015

Fathers Day 2015 Recap

This is the first Fathers Day I've ever celebrated.  I had a dad of course, but he died when I was young and he really wasn't a guy that celebrated holidays other than Christmas and birthdays.  I was a little clueless when it came time to plan something special for the number 1 man in my life and Ava's main squeeze.  So I turned to Pinterest and made my version of the DAD collage.  I'm really glad I have these pictures because A. Ava had no nap this day and was a fuss bucket
B. I had very limited time to have my mom help me before R came home from work.
C.  Out of the 2000 or so pictures I took, I only had 1 A and 2 D photos even come close to looking like she was posing.
 We rounded out the gift with a massage at our local spa and a trip to the beach with his family.  I took a few iPhone pictures of our weekend.  
 The first two pictures are of family hanging out on the porch watching the ocean and the third is Ava and her cousin playing while we ate our beloved Kill Devil Custard.
On Saturday we took a drive to Rodanthe and on our way back we detoured to Manteo for our favorite Full Moon Brewery for some delicious crab dip - the photo looks a bit weird because we were sitting underneath a red umbrella on the patio.  The second two were after R opened his Fathers Day surprise.

R enjoyed a day out on the boat.

And of course we have to celebrate Nugget's First Vacation!

These two!  I just can't, they're so cute!  It was so sunny that we had to cut our time short outside but she had a great first experience at the beach.  We picked out a shell and wrote the date on it to remember the trip and R's first ever Fathers Day.

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