Monday, May 19, 2014

(P)inspiration: Our Herb Garden

It's nothing fancy, it's not an earth shattering concept, and we are certainly not the first to recreate it. But I'm so happy we planted a little bucket of herbs on our back patio.  Initially we were going to wait to do any planting until we had purchased a home, so we opted not to plan herbs last year and it was a big mistake.  For some reason I thought herbs were going to be more trouble to keep alive than they really are.  In just a few weeks they have grown so much.  We are cooking with fresh herbs nearly every night and I can't wait to freeze some for use in the Fall/Winter.

We used this as our inspiration via Pinterest.  I loved her little barrel containers.

And our little version:

Instead of plastic dividers we used a plastic cranberry juice bottle turned upside down in the middle of the planter.  We drilled holes all over the bottle and cut the bottom off to make watering it more simple. All the herbs were purchased at Lowes (on sale and with a coupon), we chose cilantro, basil, rosemary, thyme, and flat leaf parsley.  Eventually I'd like to add dill and chives.  In another container we planted mint that we purchased earlier this Spring.  We had been warned not to plant mint with our other herbs so it has it's own elevated planter for space to grow.

I saw this idea on Pinterest a while back but I didn't save the original source.  We save our corks as a habit now and I thought I'd put a few to use.  I used this pin as a guide for the lettering, otherwise I would have never thought to use those pretty curly letters; mine look okay but the set in the link is much "neater".

It was a fun afternoon project that has already brought us a lot of joy.  I hope to do it every Spring!

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