Monday, November 21, 2011

My Best Friend's Wedding: Bridesmaid Luncheon

I've got to be completely honest...I wasn't very good about taking pictures all weekend.  I really wanted to, there just wasn't a good moment, or enough time, or I had 50 other things to think about.  Luckily some good friends of the bride and the bride's mother took photos that I snagged from Facebook so I could blog my experience. 
 This isn't a restaurant, it is an actual home.  The mother of the bride has two neighbors who are expert entertainers and a lovely entertaining space.  The linens belonged to one neighbor had been used in 3 generations of family weddings, she also supplied the china.  The other neighbor supplied the silver and crystal. Everything was beautiful and thoughtfully done just for the bride.
 A cake featuring the charm pull tradition. The charms were fun...but the chocolate cake with mocha ganache and cream cheese icing was "funner".
 A photo of us about to pull charms.  The hosts wrote a special poem for the bride that included all the charms featured.

A photo of all of us girls after dinner.  The bride gifted us afterwards with a handmade Christmas ornament, a monogrammed luggage tag, a monogrammed tote bag and a pashmina.

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