Thursday, November 3, 2011

East Carolina Homecoming Game

This year homecoming was Halloween weekend.  It was also blistering cold outside.  It was snowing in the northeast and snow fell as close as Northern Virginia so NC received some of the cold wind and dark clouds even though we didn't see any snow ourselves.  I've been to many homecoming games and this one by far had the lowest attendance which made our win less joyous.  In any case we tailgated, several hours in the chilly air.  I had about 3 layers on and a blanket.
 Here is Thompson posing as the centerpiece of our table along with some mini pumpkins I had decorated for the event.
 Mummy cupcakes...recipe will be posted in another post.
I had saved a photo years ago of mini pumpkins decorated with glitter and sharpie markers.  I finally decided I'd use that idea to make a cute decoration for the apartment that could double as a centerpiece for the homecoming tailgate.  I'd definitely do this again, maybe next year I'd do something more elaborate!

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  1. I'm a pirate too! Glad to see some ECU fans represent on their blogs :)