Sunday, March 6, 2011

Challenge Day 27 (yep!) - Favorite Facewash

I was wondering what to do about my next few challenge days. They don't really apply to me (ps my challenge is running long since I've been sprinkling in other posts) -
Day 25 asks what do I want to get from luux? (a company I've never purchased from)
Day 26 wants an item from my wishlist? (again never purchased from them so I don't have a wishlist)
So I'm skippin' them and going to Day 27, because it's my blog and I have a right to plead the fifth.
My favorite facewash.
For two years now I've been using the Avalon Organics Vitamin C facewash. There really is no downside, it's pH balanced so it doesn' t dry my skin and it smells like orange juice. It doesn't foam up like most products on the market but it does the job and removes makeup well. It costs around $10 so it's affordable and it can be used with the Clarisonic face brush. As with most things when I've used them a while I move on to the next product but I wouldn't hesitate coming back to this.

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