Wednesday, January 26, 2011

New favorite Product

This stuff is my new best friend. If you have pets or allergies (or just a super dusty apartment like me) this reduces the amount of dust particles that fly around the air when you attempt regular dusting. It can be used on all furniture and antiques and it is safe to use on electronics - no excuse for a dusty tv. Endust can be used in the interior of the vehicle per it's website but I haven't tried that yet. Lilly sheds quite a bit and this does a great job of getting her hair off surfaces. I've always been a Pledge fan for my furniture but I can't use it on electronics so using this is just faster for me. It is more expensive that Pledge products and the bottle is kind of's also scentless which is a downside for me because I love the lemon scent of furniture spray. I had a coupon when I bought mine and now I definitely prefer it.

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