Sunday, January 30, 2011

Hungry Girl Shout Out!

I'm really enjoying Hungry Girl's new show on Cooking Channel. Yep it was a smart move giving this lovely lady her own 30 min segment considering how popular her website and publications are. Her personality is tops - she is kitschy but in a totally cute way. I don't like that her kitchen looks an awful lot like Rachel Ray's 30 minute meals, at first glance she looks like Rachel Ray anyway so it's a little distracting. But I adore that her meals are low calorie and quick for a working girl...they are also portion controlled. I have already tried two of her recipes from the show and loved both. They aren't as photogenic as Ina Garten's dishes and she doesn't waste time plating and garnishing her food...who cares? The taste is fantastic!
If anyone is interested, new episodes air Saturdays at 4pm

1 comment:

  1. Will have to check her out. Always looking for quick, delish meals.