Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Summer Music Festivals!

I moved a few weeks ago and my friends have kept me busy... We went a few towns over and attended an all day music festival (mostly country and beach music) with the main artist country singer Sammy Kershaw!!! I have photos of our group at the show but I'm so PALE!!!!!! Compared to the other girls I was a ghost. So I purchased Ulta Self Tanner in the spray can but I majorly botched the application and ended up with muddy looking feet. My legs and arms looked awesome but my feet, especially the right one looked awful. I couldn't wear flip flops for days. So I laid off the self tanner until I could get my skin even again. Then came along this little show: Country Throwdown A fantastic nine hour music show in Raleigh on Saturday. We tailgated before the event. This is Lindsay and I after we "set up camp". It was hot as hades but lucky for us we had a cooler full of beer and water (because it that heat I would pass out after drinking too much). My friend's boyfriend brought his charcoal grill and we had brats and burgers. Lindsay made her "famous" ranch dip with chips and since it was her boyfriend's birthday we brought chocolate cupcakes. The burger below was her boyfriend's and that is cheddar bacon cheese on top of it. Sounds nasty to me - why would I want bacon flavored cheese????
We had to take a photo with Captain Morgan... this was actually one of the many in our Captain Morgan photo session.
So many great bands were there...Jamey Johnson, Little Big Town, Eric Church, The Eli Young Band, Jack Ingram, Heidi Newfield, and Montgomery Gentry.... I loved their skull back drop.
On Sunday mom and I got carried away watching Sex and the City 2. I liked it but not as much as the first, I guess the star on the Christmas tree for me was seeing Carrie and Big get married. This one was funny (mom can't stop talking about it) and definitely one to own when it comes out on DVD.

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