Wednesday, June 2, 2010

In the Kitchen: Nut Butter and Chocolate Chip "burrito"

Yummy snack or dessert idea, nothing orginal but it's one of my favorites! I used a whole wheat Flat Out Flatbread and cut it in half spread some organic almond butter on top and sprinkled some mini bittersweet chocolate chips. Sometimes I use bananas instead of the chocolate chips (or with them if I want something really tasty). I have also made it with raisins, toasted oats, and using peanut butter before - there are so many variations. I like to roll it like a burrito and toast it at 300* for 15 - 20 minutes (I have a small convection type oven that heats up quickly). Or you can leave it flat and toast it like a pizza. I have microwaved it for about 30 seconds before and it gets deliciously gooey but the flatbread is limp, which isn't a bad thing but I like it better toasted. Yes by the way, that is a styrofoam plate. Not all my dishes are unpacked so I've been using plasticware and paper plates in the meantime.

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