Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Review: Nailene So Natural Chip Proof Technology

I bought a pack of these for the heck of it, I've never tried press on or glue on nails before. At work I use so much handsanitizer that my polish tends to chip and my hands are ridiculously dry - not good for a manicure. I thought it might be nice to have "manicure" nails on my Christmas break. I applied mine on Monday night and took them off Saturday night, they probably would have lasted at least a few more days. I wasn't too rough on my hands but they felt amazingly sturdy, I had one break off midweek and reapplied it quickly with the glue provided.
I received two compliments, 1 from a cousin that does nails in a salon! She couldn't tell until I mentioned it that they were glued on. The color did not chip off the ends and the glue didn't pool around my cuticles (she mentioned that is sometimes common with store bought kits). I wouldn't hesitate to buy these again for a special occasion. I can't wear artificial nails in the hospital because they harbor germs and I wouldn't want to waste money at a salon to only get a few days out of it. I paid $5.97 at Walmart for the kit and $1.69 at Target for the Maximum Strength Acetone Polish Remover. The kit includes 24 nails of all different sizes, a file, glue, and a cuticle pusher. Directions and removal instructions are located on the back. It took nearly an hour with my fingers soaked in acetone to remove the nails but I'm left with no damage - just make sure you have a good show or movie on!

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