Monday, December 28, 2009

Makeup Tips for Glasses Wearers

Honestly you can type the title of this post in youtube and get lots of helpful videos, some of which I have watched and inspired this post. Mostly this is my opinion through trial and error. My eyes have been insanely dry this winter as I was battling viral conjunctivitis (which can last weeks by the way) so I've been stuck wearing my Kate Spade Matilda glasses (pictured above). I've gotten several compliments as these glasses look chic with my new side swept bangs but I can't wait to get back into my contacts again.
1. Matte shadows are definitely the way to go. I've been using MAC Naked Lunch on the lid with Handwritten in the crease and outer corner and a bit of MAC cream color base in Shell on the brow bone.
2. Define the brows. I've been using define a brow from Maybelline for years followed with their gel and it works well for me.
3. I keep my cheeks subdued, some peach blush Maybelline Mousse blush in Peach satin followed by MAC beauty powder blush in Shy Girl to set it.
4. Use minimal eyeliner and lots of mascara. I'm near-sited so my glasses make my eyes appear smaller, I lightly line the outer 2/3 of my lash line on top and lower 1/2 slightly under the lashline using brown kohl liner, mine is Prestige Kohl Liner in Charcoal Brown. Mascara helps open the eye, I apply a couple of coats of Almay nourishing 1 coat volumizing mascara.
5. Lipstick is the key to balancing the face. Because my glasses are wide and dark brown there is a lot of color near the top half of my face, wearing lipstick really polishes the look. Recently I've been wearing NYC Brandy Sparkle (a bronzy pink color) but I also love Smashbox gloss in Radiant. I would defintitely skip on the nude lip and try to find something with more color.

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