Thursday, August 27, 2009

To Splurge or To Save

Every so many months one magazine or another has an article about what products to save on and which ones to buy high end versions. I don't always agree with their lists so I decided to post my own. It's always subject to change of course, I've tried low and high end of every beauty product and sadly I've wasted a lot of money on things I didn't like that ended up in my "unused" drawer. If I hear of a great new product I'll run out to Sephora, the department store, the drugstore or wherever to try it, but over the years this is how I've become comfortable shopping for beauty products. Products I Tend to Save On:
  Mascara. I've used them all, you name it and I've bought it. A year ago I decided this was useless to spend a lot of money on because I have to toss it every 3 months anyway. Sure I feel glamorous putting on DiorShow but the end product isn't any better than when I use L'Oreal. My old standbys are Max Factor 2000 Calorie and L'Oreal Voluminous.
  Eyeliner. It doesn't matter how much I spend on them, what I wear underneath them or what I set them with - I still have to reapply. I've spent lots of money on different kinds of black ones but I've only bought cheap colored eyeliner as I don't wear them often. My cream eyeliner is from Clinique (cheaper than Bobbi Brown or MAC and it has a beautiful finish). I also own several eyeliners from Rimmel and colored eyeliners from Sonia Kashuk.
  Lipgloss. Another one of those products I have to reapply a couple times a day. I tend to like a variety and if I get them cheap then I can get more. I love Revlon's Colorstay glosses. I also own several from L'Oreal. Nowadays you can get very pigmented gloss for less money and in recent months they've come out with prettier packaging.
  Lipstick. I don't actually wear a lot of lipstick and I would say my collection is divided pretty evenly between department / drug store products. However if I wanted a new color I would definitely go look at my local drugstore circulars to see what's on sale. It all wears the same in my opinion and I reapply during the day. Really I will wear any brand of lipstick as long as the color suits me but I prefer gloss so I wouldn't spend a lot of money on lipstick.
  Face Powder. I tend to buy MAC blot powder from the CCO (not full price) when I run out but I've used several drugstore brands that worked just as well. Everyone is talking about the HD powders so I may give one a go but again this is one of the products I usually reapply a couple times a day so I wouldn't want to pay full price for a product that works the same.
Products I Tend to Spend More On:
Foundation. I have never used a drugstore foundation. I like to try samples of new foundations before I buy and I like to test the product for the best color match. Also because I had several years of acne issues I'm super timid to use products that I'm not familiar with. My favorite foundation is Korres Wild Rose Foundation but for many many years I was in love with Estee Lauder Day Wear.
  Concealer. This is the product above all others I would buy from a department store. It is super important to get the coloring right (I enlist the help of a MUA) for whatever discoloration you have. I'm loyal to my MAC Studio Finish but I would not be opposed to trying a new brand if I had a MUA help choosing my color.
  Eye Primer. I'm starting to realize how important this is. I have a couple of paint pots / cream color bases and I own a few eye pencils / shadesticks I have used as an eyeshadow base before but not with an actual primer. I received a sample of the Two Faced Shadow Insurance with my last Sephora order and I will be picking up a full sized tube this weekend. I know there are drugstore versions and I may experiment eventually but I really liked the performance of this product.
  Eyeshadow. Less fallout, richer pigment and less filler. Most of my eyeshadows are MAC and some were purchased from the CCO but I also own several from Lancome and Chanel. This would be debateable I'm sure as there are diehard drugstore eyeshadow defenders but I prefer to spend more money on shadow.
  Blush. Same as the eyeshadow, I feel that high end blush has better pigment and you can try the color on before you purchase. I used a drugstore blush for years (Covergirl Soft Mink) and I noticed an instant difference when I started spending more money - I didn't have to reapply it, it didn't "puddle" in the middle of my cheek midday, and I didn't have to use as much. I have used blushes from MAC, Lorac, Nars, and Tarte
  Bronzer. This one might be debateable. My bronzer collection is small and divided between department store and drugstore brands. I like multipurpose bronzers that I can also use as a contour so I like ones without shimmer and that blend well. My favorite is Nars Multiple in Toumata but I also own a MAC MSF Natural for this purpose and a new Laura Geller one that has been working well.

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