Sunday, August 23, 2009

Tag: 5 Current Obsessions

Alot of bloggers are updating with their current obsessions so I'm joining in.
 1. Fruit. I adore the fresh fruit available now. All the stands along side the road selling peaches, berries, melons - ah the best part of summer.
 2. Greek yogurt. So tangy and smooth I could eat it all day.
 3. Perfume. Every department store and beauty store I have gone into I have to stop and smell everything. I'm planning on a total fragrance revamp, for the past year I've been trying to finish a few old bottles of perfume so I could get all new ones.
 4. Hair color. I have had every hair color imaginable and even though I loved the caramel highlights I had for summer I love my new dark color so much more. My stylist used a cool medium-dark brown as my base and blended in thin copper highlights.
 5. Dresses. My shorts, skirts, and tank tops have been neglected this summer. After work I come home and it's so hot that I want to slip into a simple cotton day dress. I bought several new ones this year from Gap and Old Navy and I've been living in them in the afternoons and weekends.

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