Sunday, May 1, 2016

Ava Rose at 12 months...

Well, it happened and we survived it.  Our tiny nugget is has entered toddlerhood...

Twelve month facts:
  • Four teeth, 4!
  • She loves the cat and gets crazy excited when she sees her.
  • Loves to talk and is very good at making friends and holding "conversations".
  • She's biting...everything.  This has been very challenging because she has a bit of a tantrum every time we tell her "no".  
  • Still loves to nurse and still prefers a bottle to a sippy cup, another thing we have to work on.  She loves to drink out of a water bottle though.
  • Finds every bit of paper, lint, etc on the floor.  Thankfully she usually offers it to one of us rather than put it straight in her mouth now.
  • Doesn't care to bed fed any longer, she fights for independence now.  Only wants finger foods  and will let us assist her with a pouch.
  • Cruises, crawls, and stands assisted.  She's strong and fast.
  • She has ringworm, I'm not sure where she got it but we have to put medication on it three times a day.  It's the size of a quarter and I'll be glad when it's gone for good.

Nicknames: Nugget and Nuggie mostly.  But boogie, pook, bub, and bear have been popular this month.

Weight: 18 lbs 4 oz

Length: 30 inches - we made our first mark on the height chart this month!

Eyes: She's my brown eyed girl

Clothes: We just moved to 12 month clothes, size 3 shoes.  We have several 18 month summer outfits so hopefully we can mix and match all summer.

Diapers: Size 3, we will be in them for a while.

Sleeping: Down around 8 pm and up anywhere between 5:30 am and 7 am.  She usually wakes around 2 am and can be patted back to sleep and is up again around 4ish and wants to eat.  We nurse and she usually goes back to sleep after about a half hour.  I hate night pumping so this works for me.

Likes: her teachers and friends at school, playdates, errands especially when it includes going out to eat, baby massages, cheerios, bathtime, being tickled, pulling all the wipes out of the container.

Dislikes: Getting her diaper changed, being laid down on her back, getting her nose cleaned / wiped, taking medication, the word "No", her baby gate, some food consistencies (one day she will eat a food and the next day she pulls it out of her mouth)

Feedings:  This isn't easy to write since she eats everything and in no specific quantity.  She nurses around 4am, 6 am, and at bedtime.  She takes 3 bottles at daycare mixed with breastmilk and organic cows milk - we aim for 16 ounces a day.  She takes a water cup several times a day and gets cheerios for a snack at least once per day. They offer her two snacks at daycare (usually fruit, a smoothie, fig newtons, or yogurt) - one is a "breakfast" type snack and the other is a traditional afternoon snack. And she gets lunch and dinner - whatever we are eating or is being served at the daycare menu.  The only one I have kept from her is the Turkey corn dog...because, yuck.  She loves Moes, like really loves it. She also loves any form of breakfast food and Panera rocks her socks too.  We use Happy Tot pouches a few times a week to fill in any gaps or for mini meals on the go.

Ava's Favorites: Bubble Guppies, Cherrios (all the time), her OXO tot snack cup, Nuk training cups, Little People (all the time), Marbles museum

Milestones:  Gah! Too many to keep up with.  Big things - she eats everything we eat deconstructed. She eats the same food the kids eat at daycare now AND she eats in the cafeteria instead of in the infant room. 

What a difference a year makes...

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