Saturday, November 7, 2015

Ava Rose at 7 months...

It's getting harder and harder to get her to sit still for a picture.

Seven month facts:
  • Get in my "malph" - toes, fingers, bibs, chew beads, teethers, high chair straps, shoes, etc, etc
  • Still no sign of teeth
  • Still only rolling back to belly, standing assisted, can "walk" assisted, some "scooting" but it's more like wiggling like a worm on the floor
  • Can sit well by herself
  • Still loves books, songs, and bubbles
  • Very interactive, loves to be tickled, can give and receive kisses and hugs, and loves to play peekaboo
  • Still loves her teachers and lights up when we pick her up at daycare, recognizes and loves her little friends
  • October she learned about pumpkins, the color orange, leaves, cotton, and circles
Nicknames- Still all forms of Nugget, nuggie, nugs, nugs mcgee, and bunny rose.  In the mornings we call her rootie toot toot or root'n toot'n nuggie.  It's silly but nicknames just happen.

Weight - 14.25 pounds

Length: 26 inches

Eyes: Hazel, but some days you see the green more than others

Clothes - 3-6 month still fill well.  Probably by next month we will be in 9 month pants and sleepers.  We still wear size 2 shoes.  We tried on a few 9 month outfits and we can certainly wear them so for now we are trying to get as much use out of the 3-6 month clothes before we retire them.

Diapers - size 2 and I think we will be in the size for a while.  

Sleeping - We hit some sort of sleep regression and for a couple of weeks R and I were sleeping in shifts basically.  She was fighting the swaddle (yes we were still swaddling because our daughter still has a Moro reflex).  So for the past 4 days we have been swaddle weaning - cold turkey - I do not recommend it but each night has gotten a little better.  We are trying to get her to self sooth at night and are trying to lay her down drowsy.  She isn't exactly crying it out, we are there beside her comforting her, just not picking her up and I'm trying to wean her off the night feed.

Likes: Everything honestly, she is a very happy baby.  She loves to be in new places, see new things.  She loves riding in her carrier and being outside.  She loves when someone is giving her attention.

Dislikes: Not being able to crawl, she is so frustrated that she can't quite figure it out.  Dirty diapers, being overtired, monthly shots, not getting her way, any length of time between spoonfuls of food.

Feeding:  We have 3 bottles during daycare and free feed at all other times. She gets a jar of baby food during the day and she also gets a meal in the evening as part of the bedtime routine.  If she got a fruit during the day then we will do a vegetable at night or alternate.  She also loves yogurt and oatmeal cereal.  She has been loving the stage 2 "blended" style meals.  We tried a taste of a Plum Organic yum yum today but she lost interest pretty quickly so we will try them again in a few days.  Everything else she has eaten has been pureed but she does like to "squish" foods out of her feeder.  We are also using a sippy cup a little every day, just for practice.

Ava's Favorites:  Applesauce, mashed banana pieces, MAM teether ring, Nuk training cup (she prefers handles off), chew bead necklace (mine is from etsy seller MintedLane), Tula carrier, Aveeno Eczema lotion, Cloud B sleepsheep which we have been using more and more while sleep training.  She still loves her Bunnies by the Bay lovey.

Milestones: Sitting by herself, 6 month pictures, trying different fruits/vegetables/yogurt/protein, first state fair, first Halloween, first class party, first church outing, first hayride, decorated her first pumpkin, and first work event with mommy.  Oh yes, we had our first fever and survived weekends with mommy and daddy being sick.  October was not our month.

(I shared most of our month's pictures in our fall and 6 month professional photo posts)

Postpartum- Finally I appear to have more hair growing in than what I'm losing.  I'm still losing several strands when I wash and dry but it is better.  I went to my 6 month postpartum visit and everything appears to be going well, the doctor ordered a BMP and CBC and my lab results are normal. I'm exhausted but I think it's from sleep training.  R and I had a great date night this month and we are hoping to make it routine, it was therapeutic.  We thought we had hit a parent groove and then R got very sick for a few days with a stomach virus...a few days later I had it and a week later our baby caught hand, foot, and mouth - this kicked our groove right in the butt.  This is parenthood, ever changing and we've had to learn to pack it up and roll with it.  Oh and I have six more pounds before I'm back to my pre-pregnancy weight, it's a freaking miracle given what I eat in a day.  Breast feeding hunger is no joke, and now that I have more output and I can go a little longer between pumps I feel like I need to snack all day. I'll have lots of changes to make when I stop nursing.

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