Friday, June 6, 2014

Five on Friday

We have a new love joining our family today!  We are adopting this sweet girl from a local rescue and we pick her up for a "trial" period this afternoon.  I don't think there will be any problems with our trial, so I've already gone shopping for her as a permanent family member.  She is a bluetick coonhound, approximately 4 years old, who was likely used for breeding in her past.  Apparently she has been in a car accident and has some lameness in her back legs but she runs and walks normally...homegirl can't jump though.

I decided my five on Friday would feature some goodies that I've purchased for her this week while I've been anticipating her arrival.

1.  The foster mother suggested a few different brands of food.  We are going to mix her current food with one of the suggestions, Taste of the Wild. She has only been eating grain free food so I think we will stick with it.

2.  Homemade Pupsicles, also known as homemade Frostypaws.  An easy snack for any dog trying to get familiar with a new environment.  I whipped up a batch Wednesday night with some plain yogurt, natural peanut butter, and a banana.

3.  A new dog bed.  Our girl can't jump on the couch and I want her to have a nice soft place to lounge during the day while we are at work and of course somewhere to sleep at night.  Our last dog snubbed pet beds so we didn't have one in the house.

4.  Every coonhound needs a raccoon toy, right?

5.  A padded harness.  Our girl can walk on a leash but she is a "puller", it's going to be something we will be patient with but diligent to try and teach her leash manners.  I hope it will make our walks more comfortable for her.  We also bought a short lead by the same brand.

This isn't a full list...we bought meat jerky, a new brush, and bullies for her as well.  We have also started looking for a nice leather collar for her as well as some durable interactive toys.

So, whats her name?  Well we don't know yet.  She currently has a beautiful, exotic name but the shortened version that her foster mother uses also happens to be R's mothers name.  That won't work.  I cannot call our dog by my MIL's name.  We are going to toy with it over the next week and see if we want to keep her full current name and not use the shortened one or if we want to change it to something else entirely.  I will reveal it on the blog as soon as we decide what to call her.  Right now she is just "pretty girl" when we look at her picture.  Seriously, look at that gorgeous face!


  1. I'm loving your pooch - she is beautiful!! It's always so exciting bringing a new puppy home (they are always puppies to me)!! :) :)

    Looking forward to hearing to name reveal!